On Tuesday, October 4th, we are excited for you to experience our new website. Online banking is not changing and your Sign in information remains the same.

Mobile Banking

Reach into your pocket. Pull out your phone. Presto! Instant banking.

Looking for time-saving shortcuts? We can't help you escape the traffic on Interstate 35. But we can help you get your banking chores done a lot faster. Just download our app onto your mobile device and you'll be able to manage all your DATCU accounts from wherever you are at any time of day.

Product Features


Free Mobile App

Download from Google Play or Apple's App Store.


Transfer Funds

Get your money to where you need it most.


Make Payments

Cover your monthly bills or loan installments.


Check Balances

Make sure you have as much as you think.


Account Histories

Check on past deposits and withdrawals.


Secure Transactions

No one can see your account info.


How to Videos


How to Step by Step Instructions

Mobile Deposit

Don't want to go to one of our Texas branches to deposit your paycheck? We hear you. And we have the solution. Just snap a photo of the front and back of your check, follow a few simple instructions, and your money will be available the next business day, in most cases. Get all the inside information in our Mobile Deposit User Agreement

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