Make a DATCU loan payment

Payment options to meet your lifestyle.

 Simple, convenient ways to make your payment

Payment options to meet your lifestyle.


Ready to make a loan payment?  You have options!

Thank you for choosing DATCU for your loan!  We provide several payment options to best fit your lifestyle and needs. The choice is yours. Looking for a simple, convenient way to make your payment?  We offer a one-time payment from your debit card, credit card or bank account for a small fee.

Make a One-Time Payment

For more information about One-Time Payments click HERE. We offer many free payment options as well! Use your existing account (could be a DATCU account or somewhere else) and set up a one-time or automatic payment. Click on Payments in the mobile app or online to begin. Simply click “Make a one-time payment now” to get started.

More payment options

Online or mobile payments  

Use DATCU Online or Mobile App to set up your automatic/recurring payments under the "Payments" Tab. We also accept one-time payments within the app and DATCU online. To learn more here is a video.