Personal Loans

For all the things in life that aren't free.

It's money to help make ends meet - or to do something special.

Dollars that make a difference
Competitive Rates
Funds Available In Lump Sum
Easy Application
Convenient Payment Options

Need extra cash? We'll make an extra effort to get it to you.

At DATCU, we know everyone has different needs. Different dreams. That's why we offer Personal Loans for just about every purpose.

Personal Loan Rates

Amount Term Rate*
$0 — $1,50012 months10.99%
$1,501 — $3,00024 months10.99%
$3,001 — $4,50036 months10.99%
$4,501 — $6,00048 months11.99%
$6,001 — Above60 months12.99%

*Annual percentage rate. Your actual rate will depend on your credit score. Rates are subject to change without notice. Flexible terms available. Certain restrictions and terms may apply. Subject to credit approval. APR is accurate as of 12/16/2023. All Loans Must be MLA Compliant.

Whether you need to repair a car, replace furniture, pay for college, or cover vacation costs, chances are good that we can offer a loan that will help you live your dreams. 

  • Competitive rates save you money in interest charges
  • With a lump sum loan, you'll have predictable monthly payments
  • Get a fast decision whether you apply online or in person
  • Go to “Make a Loan Payment” to view convenient payment options.
  • A good choice for consolidating higher-interest debt or paying down big credit card balances

Savings Secured Loan

It can happen to anyone. Your finances hit a bump in the road and your credit rating takes a hit. We can help you recover with a loan that uses your DATCU Savings Account or Certificate account balance as collateral. 

  • Competitive rates
  • Easy application
  • Keep your savings intact and earning dividends
  • Making on-time loan payments is a good way to improve your credit rating
Rates As Low As
10.99% APR
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