Debit Card

A financial tool with unrivaled versatility.

Your DATCU Visa® debit card has powers that might surprise you.

Easier than writing a check
Quick, Convenient Purchases
Online Shopping
Access to 55,000+ ATMs
Cutting‑Edge Security Features

A card with all sorts of tricks up its sleeve.

They've been around awhile, so you might think you know everything there is to know about debit cards. But not so fast. In addition to making quick purchases and ATM withdrawals, your DATCU Visa® debit card can help connect you to the latest financial tech and provide superb protection against fraud and ID theft.

  • Add your card to your mobile wallet for one-tap payments
  • Shop online, as well as in millions of locations worldwide
  • Use the DATCU mobile app to "lock" or "unlock" your card
  • Visa Secure means that you won't be held responsible for unauthorized card purchases
  • Breathe easier with Visa's 24/7 fraud and ID theft monitoring

Visa Card Fraud & Disputes

Visa Card Benefits