Youth Checking

It's an important part of growing up.

Our free accounts show kids how to make every dollar count.

Let's team up to teach your kids important lessons.

Being polite. Working hard. The best time to acquire good habits is when you're young. The same goes for financial responsibility. We offer two youth accounts — one for the under-12 crowd and one for teens — that set the table for a lifetime of smart money management.

Get Your Kids Started Young
on the path to financial success.

As you reward them for doing their chores, transfer their coins from the piggy bank to their first Savings Account. Hands-on learning is perfect for the young ones.

A Student Debit Card
helps tweens learn about saving and spending under your watchful guidance.

With no monthly fee and by setting alerts and monitoring account activity together, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your child will have a bright financial future.

They’re in High School
and by now your teenager has likely gotten their first job and has a regular stream of income.

With our mobile app, they can deposit checks and monitor card transactions. 55,000 ATMs worldwide are available with the DATCU Debit Card. When they turn 18, they’ll be financially ready to get their own Cash Back Credit Card from DATCU and start earning cash back on purchases.