Mobile Deposit

A picture-perfect way to deposit checks.

Your smartphone's camera is the key to time-saving convenience.

Fast-forward your funds
Fewer Trips To Credit Union
Access Money Faster
Receive Deposit Verification
Benefit From Security Safeguards

All it takes is one signature and a couple clicks.

On the job, at the gym, dining out or visiting friends. The truth is, today could take you anywhere. The last thing you need is to interrupt your busy schedule to visit a credit union branch. With Mobile Deposit, you can deposit most checks from pretty much everywhere with the DATCU app and your mobile device.

  • Download the DATCU app from Google Play or the App Store
  • Endorse your check as you normally would
  • Capture images of the check front and back 
  • Follow a few simple instructions in the app
  • Receive electronic confirmation of your deposit
  • In most cases, your funds will be ready the next business day
  •  Get all the inside information in our Mobile Deposit User Agreement