Someday, you might need a lift. This one can be a life-saver.

At DATCU, we're all about your financial health. And your physical well-being. In addition to a wide range of life and disability insurance products life and disability insurance products and health savings accounts health savings account, we've partnered with one of the state's leading medical airlift companies to help you get emergency medical care as quickly as possible.

Product Features


Low-Cost Policy

Covers all your out-of-pocket medical airlift costs.


Top-Flight Service

Six helicopters serve hospitals across the region.


Life-Saving History

More than 110,000 patients transported since 1979.


Expert Crew

Seasoned pilots and a registered nurse on every flight.

Medical Helicopter Coverage

You can count on CareFlite. The company's experienced pilots are trained to fly in all types of weather. And each flight has a registered nurse and paramedic aboard, meaning that treatment starts before the chopper even touches down. DATCU's low-cost policies could make all the difference in the world to you or a loved one.