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Have a problem with a loan payment or identity theft? We've got your back.

Skip a Payment

Sometimes, your household finances can get a bit tight. That's why DATCU allows its borrowers to skip a loan payment once each year.

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Fraud and Identity Theft Protection

The sad truth is that bad people are committing criminal acts in an attempt to get hold of your hard-earned money. We're doing everything we can to prevent that.

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The federal government has done away with paper U.S. Savings Bonds. We can help you convert your investments to the new electronic format.

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In an emergency, you or a family members might have to be airlifted to a Texas hospital. Our coverage can eliminate your out-of-pocket expenses.

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Ticket Sales

Give your family a day they'll never forget. DATCU offers discount tickets to Sea World, Six Flags Over Texas, the Fort Worth Zoo and other attractions.

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