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Protection & Insurance

Added protection isn't just a good idea. It's a great policy.

Sure, you have auto insurance. But it might not offer all the protection you need. What happens to your car loan if you become disabled? How much money will you lose if your car is stolen? At DATCU, we offer several policies and protection plans that will provide good answers to those tough questions.

Product Features


Extended Warranties

Protect yourself against costly major repairs.


Roadside Assistance

Don't get stranded or gouged for towing costs.


Added Financial Protection

Kicks in if your car is stolen or totaled in a wreck.


Loan Payoff

Safeguards family finances if you die or are disabled.


Easy Payments

Protection plan premiums can be rolled into loans.

Automobile Services & Extended Warranties

DATCU's Auto Exam program protects you against the cost of vehicle repairs that aren't covered under the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Choose from a variety of plans that offer bumper-to-bumper coverage, towing and rental reimbursement, emergency roadside service and toll-free claims service.

GAP Coverage

Here's a little secret: Your regular auto insurance policy takes into account the age of your car and the miles on it. So if your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, it's possible your compensation will be less than what you owe on your loan. DATCU's Guaranteed Auto Protection ensures you're covered for your full loan or lease balance. The good news is that GAP is inexpensive and can be included as a small addition to your monthly loan payment when you buy a new or used vehicle.

Credit Death and Disability Benefits

No one wants to think about something happening that would leave them disabled, or worse. At the same time, no one wants to leave their family in dire financial straits. That's why borrowers should consider adding death and disability benefits coverage to their loans. If something happens to you, DATCU will cover your loan payments either temporarily or permanently. The result is that your family, your income and your credit rating will be protected, and you'll enjoy considerable peace of mind.