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A few dollars today can turn into some big smiles tomorrow.

Texans are always looking for ways to make their money go further. But there are only so many coupons you can clip and sales you can shop. Another great way to save is to make regular deposits in DATCU accounts. Our high rates will build up your balances and help pay for the bright future you deserve.

Product Features


Competitive Rates

We'll do our part to grow your money.


Variety of Products

Choose from savings accounts, Money Markets and IRAs.


Easy Access

Manage accounts with online and mobile banking tools.


Low Opening Deposits

You can start small and build up over time.


Not everything grows well in the Texas heat. But your savings will. All you need is $5 to get started. After you hit the $100 mark, we'll pay quarterly dividends on your deposits, meaning that before long you'll have a lot more than you started with.

Money Market 

Do you have little more money to invest? For $2,500, you can invest in an account that offers higher yields and guaranteed returns. Plus, you'll have easy access to your funds, with six free electronic withdrawals and unlimited in-person and ATM withdrawals each month.


The future can come at you fast. Start saving for your senior years with Individual Retirement Accounts that offer investment options and tax benefits. Check out the IRA Service Center to learn more about IRAs and plan your retirement.

** Per federal regulations, the maximum number of remote transactions that can be made each calendar month on Money Market Draft and Share Savings Accounts is six (6) per account. Transactions made in person, by mail or at an ATM are not counted toward this limit.