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Time is a gift. We can help you make the most of it.

Two stone-cold facts: The years pass quickly, and Texans like you are living longer than ever. Start preparing now for a long, happy retirement by opening an IRA and contributing to it regularly. Our DATCU investment team will gladly explain all the options and tax benefits.

Product Features


Tax benefits

Hang onto more of your hard-earned savings.


Education options

IRAs can be used to cover college expenses.

Traditional IRA

Traditional? Yes. Old-fashioned? No way. These accounts are a great way to control your current tax bill as you save for the future. In most cases, annual contributions are tax-deductible. And taxes on interest and earnings are deferred until you start actually withdrawing money.

Roth IRA

Don't want to be burdened by taxes in your senior years? We can't blame you. With a Roth IRA, you contribute money that's already been taxed. Then, in most cases, you don't pay another dime to the government even as the money grows and you begin to withdraw it.

Before you choose, make sure you speak to a tax professional for complete details about advantages.

Check out the IRA Service Center to learn more about IRAs and plan your retirement.

*Please consult your tax advisor about your particular situation.