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Our simple approach to checking. Make it free. Make it easy.

Have a lot of spare time? Probably not. Have a lot of money to waste? Definitely not. That's why DATCU checking accounts embrace the concept of 'free.' We offer electronic banking tools and 24/7 access to your money, freeing up your time for work and family and everything else. And we hold the line on fees and surcharges, which frees up your money for the better things in life.

Product Features


Free Online Banking

Access your accounts all day and all night.


Free Bill Pay

Fast, electronic way to make monthly payments.


Free e-Statements

Get detailed account information without the paper.


Direct Deposit

Why stand in line to deposit your paycheck?


Free Mastercard Debit Card

Lots of convenience anytime you need it.

myFree Checking

Yes, we hear you. We know that your money is important and that you want a great deal. That is why we offer Free Checking. We simply require a $25 deposit into a share savings account and a $25 minimum deposit to open your free checking account. Enjoy unlimited checks, unlimited transactions with your free debit card, Direct Deposit services and a wide range of other great benefits. All without paying any monthly service fee.

myInterest  Checking

Talk about doing double duty. You deposit money in your checking account. While it's waiting to be used, it earns even more money. Yes, there's a catch. But only a small one. To earn interest, your monthly balance needs to stay above $500. To avoid monthly fees, you'll need to keep that same $500 balance.