Certificates of Deposit

No risk. High reward. Our CDs are guaranteed to please.

Yes, we know Texans like to buy the occasional lotto ticket. Or go "all-in" in that poker game named after our state. But we're usually smart with our money. That's why DATCU CDs are such a good bet. Whether you invest for six months or five years, you'll earn great returns without any risk of losing your money.

Product Features


Attractive Rates

CDs pay more than regular savings accounts


Flexible Terms

Six options, with longer terms having higher yields


Modest Initial Investment

It only takes $1,000 to get started.


Guaranteed Returns

No need to worry about volatile financial markets

Earn More Money

If you invest in stocks, you can make a lot. Or lose a lot. There's no uncertainty with Certificates of Deposit. You commit to investing your money for a certain length of time. You know going in exactly how much you will earn. And if you have an emergency and need to withdraw money ahead of time? You may lose some or all of your dividends, but you'll get back ever penny of your initial investment.

* Rates may change at any time without notice. Minimum deposit of $1,000 is required to open, maintain and earn interest on a certificate of deposit. APY = Annual Percentage Yield is earned when interest is posted to your CD.