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Earn more on savings. Spend less on loans. It all adds up to extra money in your pocket.

Certificates of Deposit Rates

Invest money for six months, five years, or somewhere in between. The longer the term on the CD, the higher the interest returns.

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Checking Account Rates

Open an account that does double duty. Our free checking pays dividends on the same money you use to cover your everyday expenses.

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Consumer / Mortgage Loan Rates

Do you have big dreams? Or big bills? Our consumer loans will help you pay for either without adding big interest charges to your financial load.

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Credit Card Rates

DATCU Visa® Credit Cards are known for their exceptional purchasing power, first-rate security measures, and convenient tap to pay feature. Plus, they will help keep a tight lid on your interest payments.

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IRA Certificates of Deposit Rates

Everyone in Texas wants to be comfortable in their retirement years. Our attractive IRA CD rates will help you build the financial cushion that you're looking for.

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IRA Savings Account Rates

Tax breaks are just one benefit of our IRA accounts. Solid interest returns will help grow the money you're setting aside for your golden years.

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Money Market Rates

Not a big risk-taker? This investment is a sure thing. And with our tiered rate structure, bigger balances pay a higher dividend rate.

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Savings Account Rates

Money for something special? Or to help you weather a rainy day? Whatever your savings is used for, the interest you earn will ensure there's more of it.

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