Fraud Alert System

You work hard for your money. So we'll keep a close eye on it.

Laptops. Smart phones. Electronic tablets. The digital age has made our lives easier and more enjoyable. You know who else likes electronic stuff? Criminals who use technology and other means to tap into your accounts. Our security measures usually block them. You can help us by responding promptly to our fraud alerts.

A Three-Step Warning System

At DATCU, lowering your exposure to potential fraud is very important to us. If we detect potential fraud on your account, we will take these steps to alert you:

  • An automatic email notification will be sent to you with the option to reply “fraud” or “no fraud”.
  • One minute after the email, you will receive a text alert with the “fraud” or “no fraud” option.
  • Five minutes later, if no response is received, there will be a phone call and you’ll be asked to confirm or deny if your transaction is fraud. This call will give you the option of speaking to a fraud analyst.

Important Phone Numbers

The number for our Fraud Center is now 1-800-417-4592. Please add this number to your phone contacts and label it “DATCU Fraud Center” so that it will display on your phone whenever you get a call from this number. Remember: We will NEVER ask you for your PIN number or account number.

It's important that we are able to contact you. If you have not recently done so, kindly call us at (866) 387-8585 and confirm that the information we have on file for you is correct. This includes your Texas phone numbers and your e-mail address.