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Company Membership

A more focused, efficient work force. And it's all for free.

No distractions. That's a big key to a smooth-running business. Employees are more likely to stay focused if they're not stressed out over money. That's why it pays for companies to partner up with DATCU. Your crew gets free access to tools and counseling that help them manage their income, build savings and raise their credit scores. And you profit from their increased attention to the task at hand.

Product Features


No-Fee Checking, Savings

Building blocks for your employee's financial health.


Low-Interest Loans

Financing that makes your staff's life more comfortable.


Online/Mobile Banking

Cuts down time needed for finish financial chores.


Free Consultations

Workers get no-cost budgeting and investing advice.


On-Site Financial Education

We'll send our rep to your next company event.


Instructional Workshops

Free sessions on home-buying, credit scores and more.

Employee Financial Solutions

At DATCU, we refer to our partnership with Texas businesses as the PERKS Program. As with any good perk, there are no strings attached and no hidden costs. Put simply, we'll provide your work force with financial stability and education. That includes fee-free deposit accounts, low-interest loans, financial counseling services, educational workshops and more. When your staff asks what they'll get out of their relationship with DATCU, just tell them to click here

Employee Education

At DATCU, we're not only good at providing financial services, we're good at explaining everything we have to offer. We'll gladly send a representative to your next employee orientation session, health fair or benefits fair who can answer questions and provide helpful financial advice.

Lunch-And-Learn Workshops

Are your workers hungry for financial information that will make their lives more secure? We hope so. That's why we would be thrilled to send a DATCU representative to your business to offer free, lunchtime workshops on topics ranging from investment planning to identity theft.