January 2023 Changes

Membership Account Agreement Changes


DATCU has updated its Membership Account Agreement and will go into effect January 1, 2023.  A summary of changes that you need to be aware of are:

  1. Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) Agreement and Disclosure – this section was updated to best describe what an EFT is, and how to protect your account when conducting such transactions. We also explain what to do if unauthorized transactions occur, and your requirements to notify DATCU when this occurs.
  2. Communications from DATCU – We have updated the various ways you agree that DATCU may contact you to provide required notices, disclosures and other important documents pertaining to transactions, or activity on your account.
  3. Denial of Services – This section was updated to inform membership of our rights to deny services for certain actions and/or conduct that becomes known while you are a member of DATCU. 
  4. Inactive accounts – updated to better clarify how the process works, and what is expected from DATCU by the State of Texas.
  5. Handling of Items – updated to explain how items clear your account, and also explain possible fees that may be charged to your account, which can be found in the Truth in Savings Fee Schedule as well.
  6. Cut Off Times for wires – this section was updated to further clarify that once Wire Instructions are communicated and the process starts, DATCU at most times will not be able to stop the funds from being transferred.
  7. Statutory Lien – Clarifies DATCUs right to offset negative accounts and how that process works
  8. Added language regarding how disputes will be handled in regards to Jury Trials, Class Action Participation and also explains time frames of initiating legal action.

You can view the full updated version of your Account Agreement at www.datcu.org under Resources > Fees and Disclosures.