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ACH Payment (Automatic Payment Form)

See Below for Clear Instructions on Setting Up Your ACH Payment

Click for ACH Payment Form 

For your convenience, we can have the following ACH Payment Form done with someone directly over the phone.

  • Call 940.387.8585

  • Tell them you would like the ACH – Automatic Payment Form emailed over for your signature.

  • They will ask you for the following member information:

    1. Checking Account Number

    2. Financial Institution Routing Number

    3. Date you want payment to be taken from your account

  • They will then send you the form for signature (via email DocuSign).

  • You will sign the form electronically, send it back to DATCU  and your monthly auto payments  will be all set-up. 

  • Simple, Easy, and Convenient!

Please note:  As a new member of DATCU, you may not have received your payment coupons when you call.  If so, our personal service representative will be delighted to help you with your account number and other information you may need.