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ATM Security Notice

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are a convenient way for many of us to access cash when we need it.   Because we care and take your safety seriously, we wanted to share some to tips for you to remember anytime that you are using an ATM.  At DATCU, we take every precaution possible precaution to ensure that our ATMs are safe.

DATCU has ATMs located at all of our twelve branch locations.  In addition to those ATMs, we are a part of the Allpoint Network with over 55,000 free ATMs worldwide. Simply use the datcu.org website or your mobile app to locate one of many convenient locations.

Drive-Thru ATMs:

  1.  Always go to an ATM in a public, well-lighted location.  Choose one that is not hidden by walls, landscaping, signs, partitions, or any other barrier where an assailant might hide. ATMs located at the corner of a building may create a blind spot so you may want to consider another ATM if possible.

  2.  While you are conducting your transaction, please keep all windows closed and doors locked except for your driver’s side.  It is also advisable to keep your car running and enough room between your car and any other vehicle so that you can maneuver and get away if necessary.

  3. Observe all surroundings before, during, and after your transaction.  Stay away from anyone who is loitering nearby, sitting in a car near you, offering assistance, or following you after you complete your transaction.  If you are being followed, go to a police or fire station or to a crowed, well-lighted business.

  4. Before you get up to ATM, make sure that your card is ready and that you take your cash immediately and leave.  Count your cash once you get home or to a secure location away from the ATM.

Walk-Up ATMs:

  1.  Always go to walk-up ATMs in well-lighted areas where you feel safe.

  2. Observe the area and if anyone seems suspicious, leave the area. This includes anyone who might be loitering near the ATM, offering to assist you, sitting in a car nearby, or following you after you have conducted your transaction.

  3.  Conduct your transaction quickly and leave.  If someone is nearby, shield your transaction amount and PIN from view.

  4. Do not count your cash at the ATM. Count it at home or in a secure location away from the ATM.

General Tips:

  1.  Always take your ATM receipt with you.  Do not leave it at or near the ATM. You would not want your information getting into the wrong hands.

  2.  Never give anyone or share information about your Debit/ATM card over the telephone.

  3. If your card is stolen, report it immediately.  Remember, in the DATCU mobile app, you can disable your card if it is lost or stolen.

  4. If a thief or robber ever demands your money at the ATM, comply immediately. Your life is worth more than any amount of money.  If this happens to you, immediately contact the authorities and then the credit union. 

At any ATM, if there is a suspicious device (known as a skimmer) on the ATM, do NOT conduct your transaction.  These skimmers are fraudulent and record your card information.  You should always memorize your PIN and do not have it written on your card, carry it on your person, or share it with anyone.