Back to School Special Savings Coupons

We are glad that DATCU was founded by Denton County educators in 1936, and we treasure the relationships we’ve had with our schools ever since.  Our administrators, teachers and staff have had our utmost respect, appreciation and support for over 8 decades and it is truly our honor to serve you!

We know that education is the key to a brighter tomorrow and we thank you for all that you do. Please  contact us if we can assist you in any way. 
To wish you a Happy New (School) Year, it is our pleasure to offer you these special promotions when you use the following coupons:

New Member Coupon:

DATCU will provide the initial $25 New Member Deposit to open your DATCU Account. You do not have to be referred by someone to take advantage of this special offer. However, if someone does refer you to DATCU, we will reward them with a $25 bonus into their account too! You must include the name and information of the individual who referred you to DATCU (on the Referral Bonus Coupon below) when you open your account. Details are below. 

link opens PDF where you can fill out the $25 dollar new member coupon.

Referral Bonus Coupon:

We are grateful for all of our members and appreciate your loyalty. When you refer a new member to DATCU and they join, we’ll pay the $25 account opening deposit for the new member that you referred and we will give you a $25 bonus simply for referring them. The new member must provide your name and information on the Referral Bonus Coupon at the time their account is opened. We will then transfer the $25 referral bonus into your DATCU Share Savings Account. Details are below.

link opens PDF where you can fill out the $25 dollar Referral bonus coupon.

Auto Refinance Coupon:

Many of us have an auto loan. If you have a vehicle financed somewhere other than DATCU, call us to refinance your auto loan with DATCU. Once your auto refinance is complete, we’ll reward you with up to $300. It’s another way to show our appreciation to you for choosing DATCU.It’s simple. Just give us a call and we’ll handle the rest. Details are below.

link opens PDF where you can print out the auto refinance coupon with up to 300 dollars cash back.
Details for New Member Coupon:
This coupon is valid for new member account openings.  The coupon is not redeemable for cash.  $25 will be deposited into a share savings account to become a DATCU member when you meet membership qualifications.  Limit 1 per new account.  
Details for Referral Bonus:
When you refer a family member or friend who is not a current member of DATCU, and they open a new DATCU account, you and the new member will each receive a $25 bonus.  The new member’s $25 bonus will be deposited into their member Share Savings Account to open their account.  If you have referred this member, the “New Member Referral Bonus Coupon” must be filled out completely and presented by the new member at the time that they open their account.  To qualify for this, all entrants must be 18 years of age and members in good standing at DATCU.  DATCU employees are not eligible to participate in this referral program.  
Details for Auto Refinance Coupon:
This offer is subject to credit worthiness and approval.  Other restrictions may apply.  This offer is valid until 8/31/21.  Minimum loan amount of $15,000 is required.  For all vehicles with a refinance amount of $15,000 - $29,999, $200 will be deposited into your member share account.  For refinance amounts of $30,000 - $34,999, $250 will be deposited into your member share account.  For refinance amounts of $35,000+, $300 will be deposited into your member share account.  All share account deposits will be made upon completion of financing.  This offer is valid on vehicles refinanced from another financial institution and excludes loans already financed with DATCU.  This offer is not valid on vehicles refinanced with DATCU prior to 3/23/21. Offer may end without notice.


For more information about these special offers, please call (940) 387-8585.