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Changes in Platinum Mastercard® Terms

(Non-Rewards Card)

 Changes Effective 11/22/19

 Added benefits are important to most of us.  Credit card rewards are a great perk.
Benefits that we can actually use are very enticing.  That is exactly why the non-rewards

DATCU Credit Card will switch to the DATCU Platinum Rewards Mastercard® effective 11/22/2019.

With every purchase you make, you will now receive 1% cash back.
Think of all the fun things that you can do with the extra cash! 
And, it’s just in time for holiday shopping.
There is no need to take any additional action.  Simply continue to use your card to make purchases. 
Any outstanding balance will remain at your current interest rate.  You will receive a letter in the mail between October 5, 2019 and October 19, 2019 outlining any changes in terms*.


* If you decide to opt-out of the DATCU Rewards Mastercard® , you will continue to pay your outstanding balance at your current interest rate until the balance is paid in full.
You may call 940.387.8585 or drop by any of our convenient branch locations to opt-out of the Platinum Rewards Mastercard®.
Use after 11/22/2019 will automatically enroll you into the DATCU Platinum Rewards Mastercard® program and you will begin to accrue cash back rewards in accordance with the terms and conditions of DATCUs Platinum Rewards Mastercard®.