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Online Switch Kit

Making money can be hard. But moving it to DATCU is easy.

Ready to join a Texas credit union that's committed to helping you reach your personal financial goals? Switching to DATCU is a simple process. First, download our handy checklist and collect everything you'll need. Second, print out the Direct Deposit form and other forms to ensure your money will move to the right place. Lastly, stop by a convenient DATCU branch to set up your new checking account.

Product Features


Superior Service

Friendly assistance from people you'll get to know and trust.


Great Products

Enjoy great rates on deposit accounts and loans.


Social Responsibility

We serve the community as well as our members.


Financial Education

We'll share knowledge to help you build your financial future.

Helpful Checklist

To make a seamless switch, you'll need to gather information about financial items ranging from auto loans to Social Security payments. A printable checklist will save you time.

Useful Forms

DATCU makes it easy to transfer Direct Deposits and automatic drafts to your new checking account. The necessary forms are just a click away.

Open And Close Accounts

To open your DACTCU checking account, just stop by any of our branches. But before you close your old account, you need to: 1) Verify that you have enough funds available in the account to cover any automatic payments have not yet been withdrawn. 2) Verify that all outstanding checks have cleared the account. 3) Verify maturity dates if transferring a Certificate of Deposit, in order to avoid possible penalties. 4) Ensure that all direct deposits and automatic withdrawals have begun to clear through your new DATCU checking account.