Skip a Payment

Need to take a payment break? It's OK with us.

Want to skip a loan payment? Our valued Texas members don't owe us any explanation. Dealing with a light paycheck or heavy medical bills? We've all been there. Buying holiday gifts or treating yourself to a trip? Bon voyage. Just resume your loan payment next month, and we'll consider things all square.

Product Features


A Few Restrictions

Sorry, credit card and mortgage payments aren't eligible.


Breathing Room

We understand that sometimes finances get tight.


Do It Annually

You're allowed to skip one payment per loan per year.


No Processing Fee

There's no charge for taking advantage for this perk.

Lighten Your Loan Load

Anyone can face a temporary financial crunch. That's why DATCU has a Skip-A-Payment program that puts extra cash in your hand for gifts, a special trip, or unexpected expenses. To be eligible, you have to have made 12 payments on your loan. If you make loan payments via Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit, your skipped payment will be deposited into your savings account. If you have credit insurance, the original terms will remain the same.