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Make a Smart Exchange. Turn your paper bonds into something better.

It was once tradition in Texas and across the country. Reach a certain birthday, earn a diploma, or have a baby, and someone would give you a U.S. Savings Bond worth $50, $100 or more. But a few years ago, the government decided to stop issuing paper bonds and to sell only electronic versions. If you're still holding paper, you can easily convert it. That will make it easier to keep tabs on your investment.

Product Features


User-Friendly Process

Just go online and open a U.S. Treasury Account.


Increased Convenience

You won't have to worry about misplacing a paper bond.


Free Online Access

Keep tabs on your investments and manage your account.


Owner Options

You can convert bonds you own or gave as a gift.

Treasury Direct Accounts

The government calls converting bonds a Smart Exchange. To begin the process, you'll need to open a Treasury Direct Account by completing the application. After that, log in, click “Manage Direct,” then select “Establish a Conversion Linked Account” in the "Manage My Linked Accounts" menu. You'll then need to establish a Conversion Account page. Click "Create Account.” Next, click “Manage Direct,” then select “How to Convert My Paper Bonds” under the “Manage My Conversions” menu and follow the instructions.