Financial Calculators

Fill in some figures. Crunch the numbers. They'll help you make the right choices.

Calculators? Really, there's no need for a high school math anxiety attack. Our electronic tools are easy to use. And they provide the kind of rock-solid data our Texas members need when they're deciding how to save, borrow and invest.

Mortgage Calculator

Buying a house? Figure out the total size of your monthly payment and how much you'll pay in interest charges.

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Mortgage Qualifier Calculator

You've found your dream home. But can you afford a loan of that size? Take a moment to weigh all the financial factors.

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Mortgage Comparison Calculator: 15 Years vs. 30 Years

Save money on interest charges or keep monthly payments under control. Which popular home loan works best for you?

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Savings Calculator

Want to build up a nice big balance? Try making a bunch of small deposits. Over time, they'll really add up.

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Savings Goal Calculator

Have your heart set on buying something or going somewhere? Figure out how much you'll need, and then map out a smart savings strategy.

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Auto Loan Calculator

It's a really sweet ride. Find out how big the monthly payments might be before you drive it out of the dealership.

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Roth vs. Traditional IRA Calculator

Saving for retirement? Two popular approaches offer unique tax advantages. Run the numbers and see which fits your lifestyle.

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Traditional IRA Calculator

Want to prepare for the future while getting a financial boost today? Compute how regular contributions plus annual tax deductions might work for you.

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Roth IRA Calculator

Worried about tax burdens in your senior years? See how it pays off to build a nest egg and then make tax-free withdrawals.

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Debt Consolidation Calculator

Dealing with mountains of debt and big credit card bills? Figure out whether it makes sense to combine everything into one manageable loan.

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Calculators are designed to be informational and educational tools only. They do not constitute any legal advice or loan guarantee.