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Cash Back Card

Surf, Fun, or Slopes use your 1.50% Cash Back for Anything.

DATCU's credit card rewards can take Texans pretty much anywhere they want to go.

Product Features


Easy To Redeem Cash Back

Just go to DATCU Online, DATCU App, or give us a call at 940-387-8585.


Cash Back

Pamper yourself. You've earned it! Unlimited 1.50% Cash Back on Every Purchase. Every Day.

One-Stop Shopping

At DATCU, it's just as easy to receive cash back rewards.  You will receive unlimited 1.50% cash back on purchases.  It's that easy!   If you want to check your cash back balance or redeem your cash,  you have just visit DATCU Online, the DATCU App, or call 940-387-8585.