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EMV Chip Card

We can't totally stop digital fraud. But we can chip away at it.

Technology can make our financial transactions so much easier. Unfortunately, some criminal types are also using it to try to rip off your account information. DATCU is fighting back by equipping all our credit and debit cards with state-of-the-art EMV security chips that serve as the front line against fraud.

Product Features


Easy To Use

Simply tap to pay at any merchant with the Visa contactless symbol or insert your Visa chip card into the check-out terminals.


Tap to Pay

The tap to pay card is secure. convenient. contactless. Simply tap at any merchant terminal displaying the contactless symbol.


No New Fees

Get added security without paying a price.


Free PIN Assistance

You'll need your number. Tell us if you need a new one.

High Security for Your Cards

We could write a book about DATCU's security efforts. But why tip off the bad guys? In a nutshell, every time you use your debit or credit card, the chip creates a unique, one-time code that's used to validate the transaction. The code changes with every single use, making it almost impossible for those who have fraud in mind to get personal or financial information from your card or retailer's terminal.

If You Have More Questions

We know your account security is important to you. For more information on this topic, check out our FAQ.