Youth Accounts

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Learning how to save? That's time well spent.

Here are some habits you want your child to learn early on: Saying "please." Studying hard. Pitching in with the chores. And handling money responsibly. At DATCU, we offer two accounts — one for young children and one for teens and young adults — that set the table for a lifetime of responsible saving.

Product Features


Kidz Club

Geared to young people 12 and under



Designed for anyone between 13 and 24


Real Banking Benefits

Earn interest, get a debit card, access online tools*


Educational Materials

Tips, games and activities that focus on money management

Start Them Young

We all want our kids to grow up with certain values. Most of those lessons you can handle on your own. But we'd be proud if you would let us help teach them about the value of money. Kids who learn to save early on are more likely to become financially responsible adults. It's easy to open Kidz Club and Studentz accounts. Just visit a DATCU branch and begin enjoying the benefits.
*Must be 13 years or older for a debit card, Studentz accounts only.