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Money Market

Life offers few sure things. This is one of them.

With their huge daily swings, stock markets can be stressful places to put your money. But you don't have to be a big risk-taker to be a good investor. Money Market offer high yields and low anxiety. Your money grows automatically. And at DATCU, the more you invest, the more that you earn.

Product Features


Great Rates

Better returns than most savings accounts.


Tiered Returns

Bigger balances earn higher interest rates.


Easy Access to Money

Make up to six withdrawals each month*.


Fast Returns

Dividends are paid on a monthly basis.


Track Your Growth

Investors get a detailed monthly statement.


No Risk Involved

Up to $250,000 insured by federal government.

Smart, Solid Investments

You don't have to be really rich to open a Money Market Savings Account. But you do need at least $2,500.** And what if you have a bit more than that? You'll be happy to know that even higher interest rates kick in when your balance reaches $25,000 and then again at $50,000.

* A $10 fee will be charged for each check/withdrawal made over the monthly limit.

** Balances under $2,500 will be charged a $10 per month service fee. All rates quoted are annual percentage yields.